Scholarships: Making Higher Education Possible

There’s a common misconception that scholarships are for valedictorians or star athletes only. In reality, there are numerous types of scholarships available to students in different programs, majors and career tracks, as well as open and unrestricted

Get Real World Experience at Saddleback College: Enhance your Education with an Internship

At Saddleback College, we make it a priority to help students find rewarding internships that complement their training in the classroom.  Real world experience is critical in helping you prepare for a career. At Saddleback, we have

Maximize the Middle [infographic]

What are Middle Jobs? Middle Skills (more than high school, less than bachelor’s degree) + Middle Class Income (over $35,000 a year) Continue reading

Tips for Returning Adult Students

Here are 10 tips that get you ready to return to the classroom: Apply online and become a Saddleback student. The sooner you become a student, the faster we can help you reach your goals. Register today

Growing Opportunities in Allied Health: Creating a Pipeline to Careers

The world of healthcare is changing rapidly: Americans are living longer, new technologies require highly skilled and trained technicians, and new healthcare roles are emerging due to the impact of the Affordable Care Act. These factors are

Financial Aid FAQs: Helping you get the money you need for the education you deserve

At Saddleback College we believe a higher education should be available to everyone. Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked financial aid questions. What is Financial Aid? Financial aid is money set aside

Career Technical Education & Certificate Programs

Career Technical Education (CTE) programs offer a sequence of courses directly related to high demand skills needed to gain employment in current or emerging occupations.  Students can earn a Saddleback College certificate or occupational skills award preparing

The Right Amount of Higher Education

Several recent economic studies shed light on the outlook for national and local jobs, and help answer the question, “How much higher education do I need?” Starting at Saddleback College We have an invaluable resource that can